Rabu, 01 Mei 2013

Get Real and Start Running a membership Website

Currently, I am designing my own membership website. The latest hosting companies have provided me with all the right tools to get through loopholes and design one of the top websites online. Make no mistake, it took me years of practice, designing, and writing SEO content for other businesses to get where I am now. In other words, running a membership website is not for clowns. You have to get real to start running a membership website. If you want to see those big dollar signs dancing in front your eyes, then now is the time to get real, informed, and stop that damn clowning around.

We have a few solutions for starting a membership website. First, you can start and maintain a membership website by using special software programs. Alternatively, you can take another route. Website memberships do not require software, unless you lack skills to build, design, write, link, connect, create blogs, member interactive boards, and all that other junk that goes on the top of the line websites.

Get out of Dodge because maintaining and running a membership website is a daily task. You will sweat, cry, laugh, cuss, and make funny faces throughout the process. The basic membership website is your one-stop destination for all software title training courses, anytime from anywhere, right at your own web browser, yet you need skills, knowledge, and content. We discuss software – which you can find MEMBERSTAR, EBIZ or other software online. Once you get your membership website up and running, find the right software, and designers, then you will need to learn some Internet marketing. Internet marketing is a drawn out process that has stumped people over the years. People tried the red, white, and black hat solutions and turned out with negative results. They did something wrong! You can bet, the Internet goonies did something wrong in their marketing strategies. Marketing to the members of a free, running membership website is absolutely – something everyone wants. Goonies and all!

The thing to do
What to do, what to do? The thing to do is to visit the World Wide Web of Anarchy. Personally, on the www.Pandemonium.madnessoutofcontrol.com pages you will find all sorts of information to help you understand more about the membership websites. If you are ready to get real, here is the deal…to start running a membership website, you will need tools, toolbox, plans (Number one dude), html basic writing skills, content writing skills, and a good stiff drink if you lack patience. You have several types of websites to consider in the membership linage of design. Some membership websites online give their customers the ability to download Kill Bill. This is your nicer membership websites. At least the creators think of their customers. You have the bulky E-Book Stores and AMPS, which is the membership sites that offer useful utilities for users who enjoy earning money through the E-commerce affiliate programs.  These are nice fellers also. They at least give their customers the chance to earn some of the money back they spend at the membership website.

Membership websites when designed, maintained, and properly managed can bring in L.O.A.D.S. of generous revenue. These kinds of sites make it possible to pay your customers or members a piece of the pie. Membership websites that offer the community spectacular information without causing the community to get cold sores, is one of the websites that people enjoy the most. You have some insurance to deliver. When a customer comes to your website and crashes into some heavy web content, you better be prepared to pay for the damages. Your customer will run like a madman who just been cussed out by 20 women at the general store. When your customers run, they run to friends and family, and even strangers (the ones their momma warned them about) and tell them what type of uninsured, Goony is running a membership website out of control.

If you do not have any experience in running a membership website, let alone building the site – wake up! Go online and check out some of the online training resources for managers and training directors that cover all sorts of firms who think they can successfully run a membership website. Get Real!

Membership Sites are a Non Traditional Way of Marketing

Have you ever thought of starting a membership site? Do you know what a membership site is? Membership sites target a certain market of people that either look for certain products or certain information. So if lets say you collect coins and you start a membership site with information that only pertains to coin collectors, and people can only access the information on your site by joining and becoming a member. On top of that the information you have on your site is not readily available for free on the Internet or it is difficult to find on the Internet, then this is a viable membership site.
Why are People Interested in Membership Sites?
You offer something a certain group of people want or need, Lets take as an example the coin collector again; on your site you can offer information on different coins, or a newsletter about coin collecting, this creates a rapport between you and your readers. They see you as the authority and go to your site to look information up because it is a lot more convenient than having to look in many different sites, and never come up with the information they want. As an Internet marketer, you can take advantage of this rapport and create a money-making industry for yourself.
Think about it, you have your members confidence and you can sell them products, eBooks, information or sell ad space to other marketers, use affiliate marketing and sell products that relate to your site, you can even charge a fee for your membership, or a higher version of your site, giving the reader even more needed information.
How Much Can you make from a Membership Site?
Lets imagine you charge a membership fee of $9.00 for a three month membership, and lets say you get one new member a day for three months, you should have 100 members, if those members renew that means you get $900 a month, plus more as you grow. Now imagine if you had three other sites that did the same thing. You would make over $3000 a month, every month.
What Types of Sites Make great Membership Sites?
Most sites on the Internet are selling something. They sell real estate, vitamins, entertainment, physical products, but it is usually something that they are selling, so look for a product that is non marketing, and something that is not that common and that is where your opportunity lies. There are all kinds of membership sites, sites that have to do with hobbies, fitness, dieting, etc, etc.
Membership sites appeal to every target market out there. There are millions of people with millions of interests and they are looking for sites that fill their needs. Sure there are people that want to share videos or music, but there are also people that want to share craft ideas, or child rearing techniques or want to know about places to go on vacation and membership sites can be created for all of these interests. Its just a matter of finding the right niche.
How to Find the Right Niche?
Ok, this is the hardest part in creating a membership site. It requires some creativity, some knowledge and a lot of research, and we are not just talking about sitting for an hour and doing a quick, search on the Internet. We are talking some heavy duty thinking about your interests and the ability of others that are interested in the same things to find the right information on the Internet.
Once you have thought about a couple of options, then you can start keyword searches to find out how many other people are interested in the area you have thought about, and keep looking until you hit on the right market. Your market should be found first, before you even start looking for your project.
Let's recap! We all know that the Internet can potentially produce money. We have heard it everywhere, in the news, on TV, on the Internet.  The problem is how do we go about tapping into this great resource? One of the answers to that question is by running a membership site, which will either produce revenue from membership cost or through affiliate marketing or product marketing. As our membership grows, so will our revenue. Membership sites are not as popular as regular marketing sites, so there is a lot of room to grow in the industry.
In essence, membership sites have very few if any drawbacks and a whole lot of advantages.