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The Advocate of Cycle Theory - Felix Zulauf

It takes courage to head something and it obviously is not an easy task either. One such person is Felix Zulauf who is an independent Investment Manager heading the organization Zulauf Asset Management AG. This organization was established in Switzerland in 1990. It is a hedge fund organization obviously investing using methods that involve a lot of risk.

These potential risk factors are analyzed every year and suggestions are made to make the right choice. Felix Zulauf, born in 1950 started his career at the age of 23 and gained experience in this sector through various ways. He worked for the Swiss Bank Corporation as a trader. This opportunity enhanced his career in investment. This motivated him to receive training in Research and Portfolio Management from leading International Investment banks in New York, Paris and Zurich. Later on, he became the manager of Union Bank of Switzerland where he headed the global mutual funds and was also the leader of the institutional portfolio management division. Along with this he was also the Global strategist for the Union Bank of Switzerland group. This is what, which lead him to establish his very own investment organization and gave him the experience needed for his theories. He has been the member of the Barron’s Roundtable for 20 years where the investment analysis is done by experts.

This investment organization focuses on investing in liquid funds and believes there is a cyclical growth and not a linear one. Felix Zulauf approach is appreciated through out the world for the sake of his predictions of economy through his cycle theory. This theory initially came into existence through Edward R Dewey’s book on Cycle Theory.

Felix Zulauf followed this theory for his company’s investments. In 2001, he named two of his staff’s as his partners and sold most part of the company to them. In 2003, he only acted as the Advisor for the investments. In 2009 he divided the company into half and became the sole head of Zulauf Asset Management AG. In addition to being the president of his organization he was also the advisory of small family offices and other organizations.

He came to predict the economy’s rise and fall in various aspects like the stock market, currency markets and others. The cycle theory, helped in observing the peak points and investing likely. His long term view of the cycle served its purpose during the Bear market crisis in 1970′s. His approach has helped his organization in being precautious while investing and still has return of at least the capital when the markets are down.

His next prediction would be the late 2012 crisis which according to him might hit the economy on a larger scale. The Euro as well as the Chinese economy forms the major part of the crisis which also includes US’s fiscal economy.

His expert advice is taken into consideration for his precision in predictions. His approach to the cycle theory is in a manner that can be agreed with and hence he is the advocate of it.

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